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"Life expands or shrinks in proportion to one's courage."    ~Anain Nin

{ Wednesday, 26 July, 2006 }

Fish from heavens rain on India

The people of Kerala in India's southwest are famed for turning fish into spicy feasts fit for gods, but last week the heavens turned provider as fish rained down on the village of Manna, a newspaper reported on Monday.

When the clouds broke last Thursday, villagers said they saw small, pencil-thin live fish falling from the sky.

"Initially no one noticed it. But soon, we saw some slushy objects on the ground and noticed some slight movement," Abubaker, a local shop owner, was quoted as saying in the Hindustan Times.

The mad fishmonger strikes again!

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{ Thursday, 01 June, 2006 }

Follow up: Is it Raining Aliens?

As bizarre as it may seem, the sample jars brimming with cloudy, reddish rainwater in Godfrey Louis’s laboratory in southern India may hold, well, aliens. In April, Louis, a solid-state physicist at Mahatma Gandhi University, published a paper in the prestigious peer-reviewed journal Astrophysics and Space Science in which he hypothesizes that the samples—water taken from the mysterious blood-colored showers that fell sporadically across Louis’s home state of Kerala in the summer of 2001—contain microbes from outer space.

Specifically, Louis has isolated strange, thick-walled, red-tinted cell-like structures about 10 microns in size. Stranger still, dozens of his experiments suggest that the particles may lack DNA yet still reproduce plentifully, even in water superheated to nearly 600˚F. (The known upper limit for life in water is about 250˚F.) So how to explain them? Louis speculates that the particles could be extraterrestrial bacteria adapted to the harsh conditions of space and that the microbes hitched a ride on a comet or meteorite that later broke apart in the upper atmosphere and mixed with rain clouds above India. If his theory proves correct, the cells would be the first confirmed evidence of alien life and, as such, could yield tantalizing new clues to the origins of life on Earth.

[via boingboing]

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{ Friday, 28 April, 2006 }

The Children of Dagon


1955 was a busy year for the Children of Dagon, amphibious bipedal creatures that are said to dwell in the Ohio River and it’s tributaries. In May of that year, a man driving home at 3:30 AM in Loveland OH, located northeast of Cincinnati, pulled over his car on the shoulder of the road when he sighted three frog like reptilian creatures, one of which was waving a wand device that shot sparks out of it. The driver notified local police authorities of what he had witnessed in those three minutes of terror before the mysterious beings disappeared. No substantial proof for the creatures was ever found and the witness was labeled an imaginative quack.

Three months later the Children of Dagon struck again during the sweltering heat of a hot August 21st day in Evansville, Indiana. Mrs. Darwin Johnson had decided to cool off by taking a refreshing swim in the polluted Ohio River. From out of the murky depths her aquatic assailant gripped at her knee with its menacing claws, pulling her under. Struggling with this unseen fiend, she managed to fight her way out of its horrible grip. Yet not soon after her first gasp of air was she dragged down below into what almost became her watery grave. With a stroke of heaven sent luck Mrs. Johnson was able to reach out her hand and grab onto the inner tube of a nearby friend. The thumping noise she made when pulling herself up and landing on it, amidst her wailing splashes and screams, seemed to have scared her attacker off, sending it back down to its underwater lair where it still may be hiding to this very day waiting for other would-be victims. The creature left a green stain on Mrs. Johnson’s knee, along with a few scratches where the beast had groped at her, for which she sought the advice of a medical doctor.

[via corpus mmothra]

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{ Thursday, 23 March, 2006 }

The red rain phenomenon of Kerala and its possible extraterrestrial origin

A red rain phenomenon occurred in Kerala, India starting from 25th July 2001, in which the rainwater appeared coloured in various localized places that are spread over a few hundred kilometers in Kerala. Maximum cases were reported during the first 10 days and isolated cases were found to occur for about 2 months. The striking red colouration of the rainwater was found to be due to the suspension of microscopic red particles having the appearance of biological cells. These particles have no similarity with usual desert dust. An estimated minimum quantity of 50,000 kg of red particles has fallen from the sky through red rain. An analysis of this strange phenomenon further shows that the conventional atmospheric transport processes like dust storms etc. cannot explain this phenomenon. The electron microscopic study of the red particles shows fine cell structure indicating their biological cell like nature. EDAX analysis shows that the major elements present in these cell like particles are carbon and oxygen. Strangely, a test for DNA using Ethidium Bromide dye fluorescence technique indicates absence of DNA in these cells. In the context of a suspected link between a meteor airburst event and the red rain, the possibility for the extraterrestrial origin of these particles from cometary fragments is discussed.

jaybird found this for you @ 12:10 in Forteana, Phenomena & the Bizarre | | permalink

{ Monday, 06 March, 2006 }


A red rain phenomenon occurred in Kerala, the place where I live, during July-September 2001. The characteristics of this phenomenon were very strange. Conventional explanations appeared totally inadequate to account for this phenomenon. I started an investigation with limited resources and I was greatly assisted by my research student A. Santhosh Kumar. We have been studying this red rain since 2001. Some of our research results are now accepted for publication in the journal -Astrophysics and Space Science, an international peer reviewed journal of astronomy, astrophysics and space science.

According to these accepted results, the red particles, which caused the red rain of Kerala, are possibly of extraterrestrial origin. This conclusion is arrived by analysing the various aspects associated with this phenomenon, like the geographical and time distribution pattern of this phenomenon and the nature of the red particles. It appears that the phenomenon can be explained much easily if it is assumed that the origin of the red particles is from cometary fragments, which underwent atmospheric disintegration above Kerala. There are also some additional correlating evidences that prompt this line of thinking, like the sonic boom from the meteor airburst, which preceded the first red rain case. Having made a logical possibility like this it follows that the cometary body in question should contain huge quantity of these red particles, which amounts to an estimated quantity of more than 50,000 kg. [More...]

[via mefi]

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{ Thursday, 26 January, 2006 }

Has anyone a clue what this is?

It looks like a cross between a crayfish and a lobster with some characteristics of a large prawn or crab but even the experts are stumped about the identity of this crustacean.

Christopher Chan, Operations Manager of Mimpian Jadi Resort in Tuaran, noticed it crossing a tarred access road, while driving to work with wife Rosie last Friday.

"I've never seen it in my life," said Chan and sought Daily Express for help. We showed the pictures of it to a certified diver who shook his head and said: "I have no idea."

...There are more than 500 species of crayfish in the world. Could this be one of the 500 or could it even be a new species?

Characteristic of crayfish is its joined head with the thorax (mid-section) and a segmented body, four pairs of legs and a pair of pincers.

This creature has all those general features but there is something very unusual about the pincers - they are not equally curved claws as in most cases.

Rather, the lower claw is short while the upper claw shapes like a sharp blade three times longer.

And it is combative and fierce.

jaybird found this for you @ 16:25 in Forteana, Phenomena & the Bizarre | | permalink

{ Friday, 09 December, 2005 }

Cryptids! Researchers to trap mysterious cat-fox animal

Environmental researchers are preparing to capture what they call a new, mysterious species of carnivore on Borneo, the first such discovery on the wildlife-rich Indonesian island in over a century.

Swiss-based environmental group WWF said on Monday its researchers photographed the strange animal, which looks like a cross between a cat and a fox, in the dense, central mountainous rainforests of Borneo. "This could be the first time in more than a century that a new carnivore has been discovered on the island..."

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{ Friday, 02 December, 2005 }

Hark the Herald Yeti Stalk, Glory to Cryptozoology!

A backpacker from Vancouver, Washington, took these photos on Silver Star Mountain in Gifford Pinchot National Forest on November 17. He says he doesn't know what the figure was, but he does not believe it was another hiker or backpacker. The photos are inconclusive, but they are potentially relevant. [via metafilter]

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{ Wednesday, 28 September, 2005 }

giant squid pic'd!

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{ Tuesday, 20 September, 2005 }

Power-dressing man leaves trail of destruction

An Australian man built up a 40,000-volt charge of static electricity in his clothes as he walked, leaving a trail of scorched carpet and molten plastic and forcing firefighters to evacuate a building. Frank Clewer, who was wearing a woolen shirt and a synthetic nylon jacket, was oblivious to the growing electrical current that was building up as his clothes rubbed together.

When he walked into a building in the country town of Warrnambool in the southern state of Victoria Thursday, the electrical charge ignited the carpet. "It sounded almost like a firecracker," Clewer told Australian radio Friday.

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{ Monday, 22 August, 2005 }

Six great enigmas of ancient civilizations

We stand today at an unprecedented turning point in human history. In recent years two versions of ancient history have formed. One, we shall call ‘alternative’ history, the other we shall refer to as ‘official’ history. The former ponders over a variety of anomalies and tries to make sense out of the corpus of evidence, i.e., the pyramids and timelines, why they were built, by whom and when. The latter conducts digs, catalogues pottery shards, and tries to defend its proposal there are no enigmas, and virtually everything is explained.

There is no more dialogue and no more polite, gloves on debate. The proponents of ‘official’ history have taken an increasingly political and ideological approach to the issue. They now do little more than offer pronouncements of the historical ‘truth’ on the one hand, and denounce of all those who dare challenge officialdom on the other. In this context we offer evidence that our ‘scholars’, the gatekeepers who control our institutions of ‘higher learning’, refuse to consider.

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Fire in the sky

For about a month between June 23 and July 20, English skies were thick with a "peculiar haze" or "smoky fog" while terrible lightning storms left people cowering in their homes. One storm provided five men with a stay of execution at Tyburn as the gallows, and assembled crowd, were flooded.

"The sun, at noon, looked as blank as a clouded moon, and shed a rust-coloured ferruginous light on the ground, and floors of rooms; but was particularly lurid and blood-coloured at rising and setting..."

Despite winds that seemed to change direction with alarming frequency, the country was engulfed in a heat so stifling that meat was said to rot within a day and the air was filled with clouds of flies. It was a turbulent year for planet Earth...

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{ Friday, 22 July, 2005 }

fortean friday #4

Elves no laughing matter in Iceland

(Short UPI story follows, no link. Hey, I beleive)

The Icelandic tradition of believing in elves is so strong roads have been rerouted to avoid disturbing rocks where they might live, a report said.

Polls consistently show most residents of Iceland either believe in elves, or aren't willing to rule out their existence.

Retired museum director Hildur Hakonardottir, 67, told the New York Times she saw and elf once, one bigger than life and dressed like my grandmother, in a 1930s national costume.

Tourists at Hafnarfjordur, a port on the outskirts of Reykjavik, are invited to tour known elf locations, including a large rock whose reputation as an elf habitat led to plans for a nearby road being changed so as not to disturb its supernatural residents.

Elly Erlingsdottir, head of the town council's planning committee, said some elves recently borrowed her kitchen scissors, only to return them a week later to a place she had repeatedly searched.

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fortean friday #3

NZ: 'Haunted' cave opens again to sightseers

He dismisses claims the cave is haunted despite local stories, including an alleged incident where a black water rafting guide, who did not want to be named, said he felt like he had been asphyxiated while in the cave earlier this year.

John Ash, a geologist who has been advising Tourism Holdings on the cave's reopening, said he was aware "quite a few people have had interesting experiences in it".

"People talk about a cave being alive or dead. This cave is very much alive."

According to Maori legend, the cave was discovered 400 to 500 years ago by a young Maori hunter.

A pack of wild dogs are said to have inhabited the entrance and the cave was named rua, meaning den and kuri meaning dogs.

Mr Ash said people who had been in the cave by themselves had said they heard or saw other people.

"To me the cave has mana, it has presence to it."

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fortean friday #2

Oz: Top-end X-files revealed

The crew described a series of lights which crossed their take-off path from Darwin airport, with no visible fuselage or structure. RAAF command in Sydney said the contact may have been a foreign aircraft.

"The fact the sighting was made by an RAAF aircrew and detected by the aircraft's radar leaves very little doubt ... (that something) was in the area," RAAF command said.

"As the aircraft has not been identified, a violation of our national airspace cannot be discounted."

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fortean friday

'Haunted house' taken off market

A single mother-of-two who said she saw strange figures on the stairs and heard noises in the dead of night was met with sniggers until a neighbour came to stay with her, Mr Marshall claimed.

"They heard it too and she forced the Executive to rehouse her. It was never occupied again," he said.

"Young ones went in to mess once but didn't stay long because they said there was something strange about it..."

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{ Thursday, 14 July, 2005 }

gender is mutable

Mystery 'sex change' has curious flocking to Myanmar monk-to-be

Thin Sandar, a chicken seller in Myanmar, had always dreamed of being a man. When she inexplicably grew a penis last month, the 21-year-old treated it as an awe-inspiring omen -- as have the thousands of stunned villagers who have traveled to a pagoda to see him. "On the morning of the full moon day of June 21, I noticed my thing (sex organ) was not the same as before," Thin Sandar, who now goes by the male name Than Sein, told AFP in an interview at his home.

"And my breasts disappeared," Than Sein added. "So I called out and showed it all to my mom and dad. It was very strange." Strange enough that he has attracted significant attention in this deeply superstitious country, where the unexplained can quickly be exalted to hold powerful spiritual significance.

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dances with yeti

Sasquatch sighting reported in Yukon
Nine people, some of them children, say a large human-like figure covered in hair passed by a window of a house. They later saw it standing behind an abandoned car near some houses in the community, which is located 180 kilometres east of Whitehorse. Chucka Choumant and Trent Smarch are two of the people who believe they saw the sasquatch. The men said they heard trees snapping and creaking even though there was no wind at the time. The figure they saw was nearly three metres tall and moving fast, they said – too fast for them to keep up even when they were running. The creature left behind some evidence, the men said: a footprint about twice the size of a human's, and a small patch of hair...

UPDATE: Possibly identified.

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{ Monday, 27 June, 2005 }

electronic voice phenomenon

A Swril of Voices

The voices take on diverse forms; they may appear to be speaking in tongues (polyglot), singing or making public service announcements. They interrupt standard radio broadcasts, and can apparently call on by name, and speak directly to researchers (and most likely attempt to communicate with people too busy to notice they are being addressed by the voice of weirdness). They may make themselves heard over telephones, during television broadcasts, and as anomalous interference on tape recordings. Some of them seem to enjoy engaging in dialogue, answering questions, or willingly supply secret, or highly specific personal information, no doubt as an indication of their greater insight.

Often, intercommunication between those waiting and hoping to speak finds its way onto the tape, just as background talk might during any normal recording, the difference here being that the discarnate technicians' ability to create a window of communication is seemingly random, or poorly fixed. In other words, that acoustic window only opens for a moment, and whoever happens to be making noise ends up on the recording, whether they are the designated speakers or the bystanders. Of course, as with all "sciences," both conventional and paranormal, there are those investigators (or "investigators"), who are so keen on finding evidence to support the validity of their chosen field that they will impose meaning on what might otherwise be a mere cloud, albeit oddly shaped.

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{ Wednesday, 22 June, 2005 }

sanguine pastorale

A village still in thrall to Dracula

What six local men did was enact an ancient Romanian ritual for dealing with a strigoi - a restless spirit that returns to suck the lifeblood from his relatives. Just before midnight, they crept into the cemetery on the edge of the village and gathered around Toma's grave... There, cows and grubby geese sway and horses pull carts past old men who sit motionless in the shade of a few broad trees. The air seethes with birdsong and the noises of farm animals tethered in dung-strewn back yards. Time moves slowly and ritual and superstition shape the lives of peasants who gained little under communism and even less from the aristocracy that came before and the free market that followed it.

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{ Tuesday, 17 May, 2005 }

Popo Bawa is real, and well prepared

The Boogey-down Monster

Holidaymakers on the Indian Ocean islands tend to smile dismissively at accounts in guidebooks of the bat-like ogre said to prey on men, women and children. But for superstitious Zanzibaris a visit from the sodomising gremlin is no joke. Although no one ever has seen it, belief in the monster and his unnatural lust is so strong that entire villages will sleep out of doors for protection: Popo Bawa (Swahili for Bat's Wing) prefers to attack behind closed doors at night.

In huts set amid rustling groves of jackfruit and mangoes on Zanzibar's Pemba island, victims told Reuters in interviews that they detected a bad smell, became cold and went into a trance in the moments before they felt the creature's inhuman strength. Some attacks were heralded by the sound of giant wings and claws rattling and scraping on huts' tin roofs. Others cringed in terror at what sounded like a car engine ticking over.

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{ Wednesday, 11 May, 2005 }

parrot-heads are behind this

It's raining shrimp? Get sauce

"Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs." That's the name of a children's book about the strange town of Chewandswallow where it rains soup and snows mashed potatoes. All the town's food is delivered by the weather. Up on Mount Soledad, Janet Andrews is reporting it rained shrimp on April 28. She and others found masses of baby shrimp on the tennis courts of the Summit residential development.

"They're not crazy," says Bob Burhans, curator of the Birch Aquarium at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla. "I haven't heard of it raining shrimp, but I have heard of it raining fish." About 15 years ago, a Chula Vista man reported that hundreds of minnows had dropped out of the sky onto his driveway, yard and roof. A marine biologist at Scripps identified the airborne fish and theorized they were from the Sweetwater Reservoir.

The most likely delivery system: a wind funnel that formed over the water, picking up surface creatures and then dropping its load as it dissipated.

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{ Thursday, 21 April, 2005 }

revealing rituals revealed

Freemasonry rolls up its trousers in public

Freemasonry is a highly successful organisation that has been a powerful force in helping to shape our modern scientific and democratic society. Members such as Sir Robert Moray, the founder of the Royal Society, George Washington, the first president of the United States, Sir Winston Churchill, Britain’s wartime saviour, Wolfgang Mozart, the composer, and Sir Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin, all drew inspiration from its rituals.

What accounts for the wide appeal that Freemasonry has had during the past four centuries and still has today? Why does Masonic ritual inspire its practitioners to become creative, balanced individuals? The traditional answer to this question has always been “it’s a secret”. But why is it a secret? Is it because Freemasons have something to hide? I am much more inclined to believe that most Freemasons simply don’t understand why Masonic ritual inspires and encourages them, and they cover up this ignorance by refusing to talk about the spiritual impact of their Masonry.

I first entered a Masonic temple blindfolded and my confusion remained for some time. Whatever other mysteries there are in

Freemasonry, trying to second-guess the form of words the Lodge wants to hear when its Master asks a question is the most puzzling. At least that’s what I thought, until, in that first initiation, I experienced the oddest postural instruction I’d yet known. I heard the instruction . . . but what did they mean? Could I twist my body into such an odd position? Goodness knows what strange endorphins were released into my brain as I struggled to keep my body still, using only the kinetic feedback of my stretched muscles to judge what was happening. But only when this contorted question and answer session to “make me a Mason” was complete would the blindfold be removed.

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{ Saturday, 19 March, 2005 }

squid vicious

Dosidicus gigas

There is an alien intelligence residing deep within the Monterey Bay, a bizarre life form that appears to be proliferating by the thousands in cold black waters far below the surface. It resides within creatures that have three hearts, primate-like stereoscopic eyes, blue blood and brains large enough to suggest they are among the smartest creatures on earth. They are giant raptorial predators with a taste for flesh. Growing up to seven feet long and occasionally bigger—possibly much bigger—these carnivores seize their prey with two lightning-fast, hook-laden tentacle clubs, draw it into a squirming nest of eight arms and proceed to tear chunks of flesh from its body with a disproportionately large, razor-sharp, parrot-like beak.

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{ Thursday, 17 March, 2005 }

if the shoe fits...

Mystery shoe saga stumps couple

Pairs of shoes are being left in mysterious circumstances outside a remote farmhouse in Lincolnshire. Jason and Claire Foster, who live near Market Rasen, do not know who is doing it or why they have left as many as four pairs of shoes at one time. The family have video footage, which shows an elderly couple driving by in a green vehicle depositing the shoes. Mrs Foster said that although it was scary at first, she was rather hoping some of the pairs might fit.

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{ Monday, 14 March, 2005 }

seeing tiny elephants?

The Possibility of Pygmy Pachyderms in India

It’s a quest in the literal sense of the word. Ecologists of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, and officials of the Forest Department are set to trek the state’s forests in search of the ikallaana, the mythical dwarf elephant. Aimed at conclusively confirming or denying the presence of this species, scientific teams will also undertake DNA mapping of samples of dung collected from areas where tribals claim to have seen the dwarf elephant. A DNA study from dung samples is the first-of-its-kind experiment in solving a decades-old mystery. Three teams are already scouring the dense forests of Agasthyavanam and Neyyar, hoping to chance upon the kallaana somewhere. Ecologists and veterinarians, however, are strongly divided on the possibility of finding one.

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{ Saturday, 12 March, 2005 }

a child remembers her 'past life'

Sweet Swarnlata

Swarnlata Mishra was born to an intellectual and prosperous family in Pradesh in India in 1948. When she was just three years old and traveling with her father past the town of Katni more than 100 miles from her home, she suddenly pointed and asked the driver to turn down a road to "my house", and suggested they could get a better cup of tea there than they could on the road.

Soon after, she related more details of her life in Katni, all of which were written down by her father. She said her name was Biya Pathak, and that she had two sons. She gave details of the house: it was white with black doors fitted with iron bars; four rooms were stuccoed, but other parts were less finished; the front floor was of stone slabs. She located the house in Zhurkutia, a district of Katni; behind the house was a girl's school, in front was a railway line, and lime furnaces were visible from the house. She added that the family had a motor car (a very rare item in India in the 1950's, and especially before Swarnlata was born). Swarnlata said Biya died of a "pain in her throat", and was treated by Dr. S. C. Bhabrat in Jabalpur. She also remembered an incident at a wedding when she and a friend had difficulty finding a latrine.

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{ Wednesday, 16 February, 2005 }

historical citations of teleportation

Going Places [via Orlin Grabbe]

The most famous example of teleportation in the history of paranormal phenomena is the Filipino guardia civil during the Spanish era, who suddenly disappeared from his post in the governor general's palace and appeared in Mexico City half way around the world. The bewildered soldier could not explain how he got there.

When asked by Mexican authorities, he told them he was a guard at the Philippine governor general's palace and said the governor was assassinated. He was brought before church authorities who concluded he must be possessed by the devil and promptly put him in jail.

from the Philippines arrived with a Philippine official who identified the guardia civil and confirmed everything he said. The Filipino was released and sent home on a ship.

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{ Tuesday, 15 February, 2005 }

hombrecitos volodaros

Up in the air, with the greatest of ease...?

Footage of what look to be flying humanoid entities, or 'hombrecitos volodaros', is a very recent development in Mexico's ongoing UFO activity and is 'high strangeness' of the truly phenomenal kind... 'Montezuma is said to have patrolled the roof of his palace every night, scanning the skies fearful of hostile influences from the air - fears well-founded, for the belief in aerial demons kidnapping people persists in Mexico to this day.'

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{ Wednesday, 12 January, 2005 }

Lost Apes Of The Congo

... discovered a strange skull with the dimensions of a chimpanzee's but with an odd, prominent crest like a gorilla's. Motion-detecting cameras in the forest caught what looked like immense chimpanzees, and a photograph purchased from poachers showed hunters posing with an animal estimated to be twice the size of an ordinary chimp... Most intriguing were the gorilla-like ground nests found in the riverine swamps. Chimps normally make their nests in the high safety of trees. Why would they build their beds of branches and shoots on the ground? And why here, of all places?

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{ Thursday, 30 December, 2004 }

The Loneliest Mystery of the Deep

For the last 12 years, a single solitary whale whose vocalizations match no known living species has been tracked across the Northeast Pacific. Its wanderings match no known migratory patterns of any living whale species. Its vocalizations have also subtly deepened over the years, indicating that the whale is maturing and ageing. And, during the entire 12 year span that it has been tracked, it has been calling out for contact from others of its own kind.

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{ Monday, 27 December, 2004 }

The little people of the far north: A bit about the culturally accepted presence of elves in Iceland.

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{ Sunday, 19 December, 2004 }

The Mandelbrot Monk

Until recently, Udo of Aachen occupied a sideline in the history books as a minor poet, copyist and theological essayist. Even his birth and death dates of this mediaeval Benedictine monk are unknown, though he probably lived from around 1200-1270 AD. A new study of his work, however, has led to his recognition as an outstandingly original and talented mathematician.

While Udo himself is little-known, one of his works is far more familiar. This 13th century German monk was the author of a poem called Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi (Luck, Empress of the World) in the collection of mediaeval underground verses now known as the Carmina Burana. Orchestrated by composer Carl Orff in 1937, Udo's poem is now widespread as the choral work, O Fortuna, which has been used by the media many times, from incidental music to the film Excalibur to the backing for after-shave lotion advertisements.

The first clue to Udo's undiscovered skills was found by mathematician Bob Schipke, a retired professor of combinatorics. On a holiday visit to Aachen cathedral, the burial place of Charlemagne, Schipke saw something that amazed him. In a tiny nativity scene illuminating the manuscript of a 13th century carol, O froehliche Weihnacht, he noticed that the Star of Bethlehem looked odd. On examining it in detail, he saw that the gilded image seemed to be a representation of the Mandelbrot set, one of the icons of the computer age.

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{ Saturday, 18 December, 2004 }

Top Cryptozoology Stories of 2004

Famed cryptosleuth Loren Coleman reviews "the top stories of the year, which garnered the most media attention, and mention others that should have perhaps received more notice for other cryptids."

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{ Thursday, 09 December, 2004 }

Hobbits? We've got a cave full

Chief Epiradus Dhoi Lewa has a strange tale to tell. Sitting in his bamboo and wooden home at the foot of an active volcano on the remote Indonesian island of Flores, he recalls how people from his village were able to capture a tiny woman with long, pendulous breasts three weeks ago.... The villagers of Boawae believe the strange woman came down from a cave on the steaming mountain where short, hairy people they call Ebu Gogo lived long ago. "Maybe some Ebu Gogo are still there," the 70-year-old chief told the Herald through an interpreter in Boawae last week. The locals' descriptions of Ebu Gogo as about a metre tall, with pot bellies and long arms match the features of a new species of human "hobbits" whose bones were recently unearthed by Australian and Indonesian researchers in a different part of Flores in a cave known as Liang Bua.

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{ Monday, 29 November, 2004 }

Codebreaker scores success in search for the Holy Grail

For 250 years, the cryptic inscription has exercised the minds of Britain's finest theologians, historians and scientists, including Charles Darwin, Josiah Wedgwood and, most recently, the Second World War code-breakers of Bletchley Park. But an anonymous American researcher was credited yesterday with the best stab yet at what the letters D.O.U.O.S.V.A.V.V.M. - carved on the Shepherd's Monument at Lord Lichfield's Shugborough estate in Staffordshire - might actually signify.

The answer appears to be "Jesus (As Deity) Defy" - a message left by an 18th century Christian sect Priory of Sion, which was forced to keep its views secret since the Church of England thought they were heretical. On first impressions, this rather perplexing answer may disappoint those who believed the letters pointed the way to the final destination of the Holy Grail, the cup Jesus is said to have used during the Last Supper. But Shugborough Hall was holding on to its hopes last night, since the Priory of Sion was the spiritual successor to the Knights Templar, who were known as the keepers of the Holy Grail.

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{ Tuesday, 23 November, 2004 }

Places of mystery

Ask about Kituluni hill in Machakos District and people are likely to take you aside and talk in hushed tones about strange goings-on, witchcraft and sightings of ghosts dressed in white. You will be told about happenings that stand Isaac Newton’s Law of Gravity on its head, such as water flowing uphill. Some 300 kilometres away from this spot, in Nakuru, equally unlikely stories are told about a mystery cave in the Menengai Crater.

Few places in Kenya, indeed in the world, are without their own stranger-than-fiction stories that defy logical explanation. Outsiders might dismiss them out of hand, but local people hold on to them with a firm conviction.

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{ Monday, 15 November, 2004 }

For about the hundredth time: Lost city of Atlantis found?

An American researcher claimed Sunday to have discovered the remains of the legendary lost city of Atlantis on the bottom of the east Mediterranean Sea. But Cyprus' chief government archaeologist was skeptical. Robert Sarmast said sonar scanning of the seabed between east Cyprus and Syria revealed man-made walls, one as long as 3 kilometers , and trenches at a depth of 1,500 meters.

Obviously, there are many things now under the sea that weren't before, this is a good example along with structures off the coast of Cuba, Japan, UK and Egypt. I think what we're looking at here is yet another culture that thrived before sea levels rose after the last ice age, not a dramatically sinking mythic continent (itself a rather radical position). I do believe there is enough anecdotal evidence that some kind of an Atlantis-type place existed, but it's now mostly a state of mind, one whivh is filled beautifully with generations of hope that once, there was an ideal society.

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{ Tuesday, 26 October, 2004 }

Family videos what could be Ogopogo

On Aug. 9, at 7:30 a.m., he said the houseboat started rocking back and forth fiercely. The rocking woke up the family, who ventured to the top deck to see what was happening. When Casorso reached the deck, he said he was shocked to see something swimming away from the boat. "The only reason we noticed it is because it passed underneath the houseboat," said Casorso. "We could really feel the power and size of what it was." Casorso acted quickly, retrieving his video camera to get footage of the creature. He has a total of approximately 15 minutes of video footage that clearly shows a calm lake, no boat movement and a long, dark hump rising above the water.

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{ Wednesday, 20 October, 2004 }

Indian girl who weeps stones in plea for help

At the girl's village in Jharkhand, they have two explanations. Either she is possessed by an evil spirit, or she is an incarnation of a goddess. But for Savitri, the condition is anything but a blessing. Before the stones emerge, she suffers from excruciating pain in her head. Tiny stones emerge from her ears, nose and mouth as well.

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{ Sunday, 10 October, 2004 }

'New' giant ape found in the Congo

The animals, with characteristics of both gorillas and chimpanzees, have been sighted in the north of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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{ Monday, 20 September, 2004 }

Continuing reports of mysterious creature

Continuing reports of mysterious creature swimming in North America's deepest lake: 'It was like the head of a dragon'

"I got the goggles because it was moving fast and I was kind of curious as to what it was," said Lynn, 66. "It was high, six to eight feet above the water and moving at an incredulous speed. It was like the head of a dragon -- just coming out of the water at just a ferocious speed, just moving like crazy."

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{ Wednesday, 15 September, 2004 }

Tracking down the 'jungle yeti'

Tracking down the 'jungle yeti'

Two amateur explorers hope to prove the existence of the mythical "jungle yeti" by capturing the creature on film. Three years ago, the pair found a footprint and hairs which, when analysed by scientists, did not match any known species.

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{ Wednesday, 01 September, 2004 }

"Mystery Cloud" Appears Over Eastern

"Mystery Cloud" Appears Over Eastern U.S. And Canada

"It was a roundish, yet not all that round, object drifting towards our location very slowly, slower that most satellites because it took at least twenty minutes to move from where we first saw it to pretty much our zenith." After studying it for a while through an 8-inch telescope, Bogardus noticed two points of light, " ... like a satellite would appear, in line and above a jet of gas that seemed to come from them."

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{ Thursday, 26 August, 2004 }

Let's meet the Mongolian Death

Let's meet the Mongolian Death Worm!

The first time you hear about the Mongolian Death Worm you assume it has to be a joke; it sounds too much like the monster from a B-movie or an especially dire comic book to be true. A five-foot (1.5m) long worm dwelling in the vast and inhospitable expanses of the Gobi Desert, the creature is known to Mongolia’s nomadic tribesmen as the allghoi khorkhoi (sometimes given as allerghoi horhai or olgoj chorchoj) or ‘intestine worm’ for its resemblance to a sort of living cow’s intestine. Apparently red in colour, sometimes described as having darker spots or blotches, and sometimes said to bear spiked projections at both ends, the khorkhoi is reputedly just as dangerous as its alarming appearance would suggest, squirting a lethal corrosive venom at its prey and capable of killing by discharging a deadly electric shock, even at a distance of some feet.

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{ Wednesday, 28 July, 2004 }

Mystery Creature Lurks In

Mystery Creature Lurks In Baltimore County

"Very bizarre. I went and got my father and cousin and they came and looked at it and their reactions were pretty much the same -- what in the world are we looking at?"

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{ Wednesday, 21 July, 2004 }

Giant Rabbit Is As

Giant Rabbit Is As Big As 3-Year-Old

Roberto the 2-year-old Continental Giant is almost 4 feet long and sleeps on a dog's bed because he can't fit into a normal-sized hutch. Roberto is larger most 3-year-old children... which, in turn, are larger than most rabbits.

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{ Monday, 28 June, 2004 }

He has your eyes...? Iranian

He has your eyes...? Iranian woman 'gives birth to frog'

An Iranian newspaper has reported the controversial story of a woman who claims to have given birth to a frog. The Iranian daily Etemaad says the creature is believed to have grown from larva to an adult frog inside her body.

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{ Monday, 07 June, 2004 }

Beeb: Satellite images 'show Atlantis'

Beeb: Satellite images 'show Atlantis'

"We have in the photos concentric rings just as Plato described"

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{ Monday, 17 May, 2004 }

Grim Call On Fatal Wreck

Grim Call On Fatal Wreck a Mystery

It was a telephone call that no one would want to make or receive. Yet someone called Ron Burth on Friday afternoon to tell him that his wife, Linda, had been killed minutes before in a traffic crash on Interstate 4. The female caller's identity isn't known, but Highway Patrol troopers say she had to be a passer-by. But they don't know how she learned Burth's name and cell phone number.

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{ Wednesday, 12 May, 2004 }

Mexico Air Force Video Creates

Mexico Air Force Video Creates UFO Stir

The Mexican Air Force has released footage of what a UFO expert said were 11 invisible unidentified flying objects picked up by an infrared camera as they whizzed around a surveillance plane.

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{ Saturday, 01 May, 2004 }

Flying Saucer Fever Grips Iran,

Flying Saucer Fever Grips Iran, Theories Abound

Is Iran about to be invaded by little green men or are the Americans racing through the night sky in spaceships to spy on the Islamic Republic?
Flying saucer fever has gripped Iran after dozens of sightings in the last few days. Fanciful cartoons of alien spacecraft have adorned the front pages. State television on Wednesday showed a sparkling white disc it said was filmed over Tehran on Tuesday night. More colorful Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have been spotted beaming out green, red, blue and purple rays over the northern cities of Tabriz and Ardebil and in the Caspian Sea province of Golestan, the official IRNA news agency reported.

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{ Friday, 09 April, 2004 }

Spooks or sparks? Sicilian Blazes

Spooks or sparks? Sicilian Blazes Put Science to the Test

A series of spontaneous fires started in mid-January in the town of Canneto di Caronia in about 20 houses. After a brief respite last month, the almost daily fires have flared up again -- even though electricity to the village was cut off.

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{ Tuesday, 06 April, 2004 }

Enigma of Namibia's 'fairy circles'

Enigma of Namibia's 'fairy circles'

South African botanists say they have failed to explain the mysterious round patches of bare sandy soil found in grassland on Namibia's coastal fringe.

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{ Monday, 05 April, 2004 }

Have a good look at

Have a good look at this picture...

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{ Friday, 02 April, 2004 }

Tuscan Mystery to be Unearthed

Tuscan Mystery to be Unearthed

Archaeological digging might soon unveil the mystery surrounding a sword buried in a Gothic abbey in Tuscany, Italian researchers announced. Known as the "sword in the stone," the Tuscan "Excalibur" is said to have been plunged into a rock in 1180 by Galgano Guidotti, a medieval knight who renounced war and worldly goods to become a hermit.

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{ Thursday, 18 March, 2004 }

UFO streaks through Martian sky

UFO streaks through Martian sky

Astronomers say it could be the first meteor seen from the surface of another world, or a redundant orbiting spacecraft sent to Mars 30 years ago.

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{ Friday, 05 March, 2004 }

3-Headed Frog Found

3-Headed Frog Found

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{ Tuesday, 17 February, 2004 }

The story of the Dibbuk

The story of the Dibbuk Haunted Jewish Wine Cabinet Box, formerly for sale on eBay.

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{ Wednesday, 11 February, 2004 }

The mysterious Voynich Manuscript, via

The mysterious Voynich Manuscript, via Reality Carnival.

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Martian anomaly?

Martian anomaly?

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{ Saturday, 31 January, 2004 }

Lemon Curry? No, excuse me

Lemon Curry? No, excuse me I meant Pickled dragon.

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{ Tuesday, 30 December, 2003 }

World's Largest Snake Caught

World's Largest Snake Caught

Indonesian villagers claim to have captured a python that is 49.21 feet long and weighs nearly 1,000 pounds, a local official said Monday.

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{ Saturday, 20 December, 2003 }

Hampton Court ghost caught

Hampton Court ghost caught on camera

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{ Sunday, 07 December, 2003 }

Arkansas lake octopus!

Arkansas lake octopus!

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{ Thursday, 04 December, 2003 }

131 years ago today, the

131 years ago today, the Mary Celeste, an American ship bound for Genoa, was found adrift in the Atlantic. Thus began of one of the most well known and loved of maritime mysteries, with numerous possible solutions offered.

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{ Monday, 27 October, 2003 }

Unexplained tree-top boulders found in

Unexplained tree-top boulders found in forest

The mystery began a few years ago when a turkey hunter, scouting in a remote area of the 23,000-acre forest, discovered a large boulder in the top of an 80-foot-tall chestnut oak tree. What he saw wedged among its branches was a boulder about 4 feet wide and a foot thick.

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{ Wednesday, 22 October, 2003 }

Sci-Fi channel may sue NASA

Sci-Fi channel may sue NASA for UFO documents

Last year Sci-Fi joined forces with an investigative journalist, a Washington, DC law firm, and former President Clinton chief of staff John Podesta, to gain release of documents relating to an incident it calls "the new Roswell," a UFO sighting in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania in 1965.

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{ Sunday, 19 October, 2003 }

Human Spontaneous Involuntary Invisibility In

Human Spontaneous Involuntary Invisibility

In every case I have heard about or personally researched, the person is physically still present, although unable to be seen or heard. From the point of view of the invisible person, the world looks normal and they have no idea that they cannot be seen or heard by people around them.

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{ Sunday, 12 October, 2003 }

Siberia find revives yeti legends

Siberia find revives yeti legends

Siberian scientists say they have a discovery on their hands which raises the possibility that the local legend of the yeti - the abominable snowman - is more than mere fiction.

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{ Thursday, 02 October, 2003 }

Rain of frogs in Connecticut.

Rain of frogs in Connecticut.

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{ Thursday, 25 September, 2003 }

New look for ball lightning

New look for ball lightning Ball lightning - a slow-moving ball of light that is occasionally seen at ground level during thunderstorms - has puzzled scientists for centuries. There have also been reports of ball lightning in aircraft, but the origins of this phenomenon have remained a mystery.

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{ Wednesday, 24 September, 2003 }

'Extinct' mammal found in Cuba

'Extinct' mammal found in Cuba Unfortunately, it was aiding the prisoners at Camp Terror and will be turned into a muff.

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{ Tuesday, 23 September, 2003 }

Sectret of Nimh II, Electric

Sectret of Nimh II, Electric Bugaloo: Strange rats invade Kyrgyz region An Uzbek specialist bred the species by crossing an ordinary rat with a muskrat

via MeFi

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{ Wednesday, 17 September, 2003 }

Up, up and away... the

Up, up and away... the mysterious Indian rope trick.

Prepared for MeFi

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A happy 116th not to

A happy 116th not to be snoozed at Mrs Hongo, who is bedridden, entertained her guests by singing a traditional folk song from her home town on the islands of Amamioshima, part of a group of islands south of Japan's main islands.

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{ Monday, 15 September, 2003 }

Cryptids Cryptids Cryptids Cryptids Cryptids

Cryptids Cryptids Cryptids Cryptids Cryptids Cryptids Cryptids FUNGI FUNGI !

Crossposted to MeFi

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{ Wednesday, 10 September, 2003 }

Some believe, some don't. Welcome

Some believe, some don't. Welcome to the strange world of electronic voice phenomenon. Warning: some Real Audio formats. Crossposted to MeFi.

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Hundreds Of Toads Invade N.J.

Hundreds Of Toads Invade N.J. Shopping Center The 1-inch-long toads have been seen hopping around at the Hillsborough Promenade during the last few weeks, especially on rainy days, and many have made their way into some of the shops.

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{ Sunday, 07 September, 2003 }

Police call in the ghostbusters

Police call in the ghostbusters ...doors rattled and stairwells creaked in the city’s police department. In the light of day, a secretary’s desk drawer opened on its own. A city worker who toured the building late one night even reported feeling something grab her leg.

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{ Saturday, 30 August, 2003 }

A mythical bird no longer

A mythical bird no longer After 60 years the Chinese crested tern -- nicknamed the "mythical bird" for its elusiveness -- is a myth no more.

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{ Sunday, 24 August, 2003 }

New Moby Dick? Boat crasher

New Moby Dick? Boat crasher a rare white whale The 14-meter-long cetacean, known as Migaloo, is thought to be the only known albino humpback whale.

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{ Sunday, 10 August, 2003 }

Seeking answers to big 'mystery

Seeking answers to big 'mystery ape'

Scientists speculate that the hitherto unknown primate may have designed Windows XP.

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{ Sunday, 03 August, 2003 }

Phenomenal: "They were like two

Phenomenal: "They were like two brown jellyfish in the sky, they looked like they were swimming and I had not taken any drugs."

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{ Wednesday, 30 July, 2003 }

Chechnya claims 'oldest living

current recordholder from Japan

Chechnya claims 'oldest living person' Health officials in the separatist Russian republic say great-great grandmother Zabani Khachukayeva is 124 years old.

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{ Thursday, 17 July, 2003 }

Only in my homestate: four-legged

Only in my homestate: four-legged chicken born in Del.

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{ Tuesday, 15 July, 2003 }

China's 'Loch Ness Monster' Resurfaces

China's 'Loch Ness Monster' Resurfaces China's legendary "Lake Tianchi Monster" has surfaced anew, with local officials reporting sightings of as many as 20 of the mysterious and unidentified creatures in a lake near North Korea.

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Weird... Family Believes White Spot

Weird... Family Believes White Spot In Photos Is Boy's Guardian Angel If 3 different types of film were indeed used on 3 different cameras, this might be a genuine phenomenon.

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Keep it even,
embrace the odd.

"Not all who wander

 are lost"


You contain everything

Everything contains you


If you desire the Infinite,

look no further than the window.



Letter Excerpt:


Ten Considerations for Being Well n this Goofy Universe


0. If you find yourself wonderstruck, don’t forget to return the favor.

1. Always be of service to the whole and the Holy. You’ll find that the Holy will reciprocate by being of service to your becoming Whole.

2. You will be called upon to use your mind and your vision in ways I cannot possibly glimpse. Never turn down an offer to shine that light so uniquely yours to help others in their darkness, and you’ll find that when it’s your turn to be in the night that there’ll be someone along the way who happens to have a little glow to share .

3. The rewards of being true to yourself  are infinite, even when outwardly your efforts are met with nothing.

4. You’ll also see that  knowledge and wisdom will come from within yourself through your own struggle and curiosity... your loved ones may guide you to insight, but yours is the power to choose it.

5. You’ll find that some of your choices could’ve been better, or at times were downright stupid. That’s okay... I have a closet full of reckless decisions, but without making them I wouldn’t have the slightest idea of what a good one might feel like if I tried it on.

6. Your growth will be a mysterious, comic, ecstatic and sometimes scary ride, and I pray that you strive to savor each minute of it, even the most difficult or embarrassing minutes. Don’t count on second chances.

7. In those times when everything collapses around you, and what’s left won’t go right, don’t forget your chances of being alive in this solar system, in this galaxy, are a little on the slim side. So slim in fact that it could be called a miracle to breathe this air, drink this water, and have whet ever predicament you’re having no matter how you shake, rattle and roll it. So go with the cosmic flow and always choose something over nothing, while remembering that there’s a little of each one hidden in both.

8. Respond as best as you can with love to adversity rather than reacting with fear... Love, in any situation and  being the primordial source and essence of ALL THIS STUFF, leaves / enters us with the most possible ways out / in.

9. Whatever you’re doing, celebrate the process of doing as much, if not more, than what you’ve got when you’re done. Magic lives in the action.

9 ½ . All matter is energy. All energy is infinite. We are but raindrops falling to the ocean, a short time in this shape until we’re reunited with the expanse from which we came. Your delicate yet sturdy, resilient body is a temporary shelter of energy that has swam the universe eternally and will continue eternally. You are a sudden crystallization of the infinite. One must ask themself, therefore, why be bored?

9 3/4 . Choosing to live in the moment is courageous but becomes effortless once you begin...feeling obligated to survive in the past or future is dangerous and is difficult to continue. It’s one of the few risks I’d recommend not taking, right up there with trusting icons and shrugging off coincidences.

10. The Universe itself it not confusing, we humans just like it that way. Do frogs seem bewildered , butterflies befuddled and amoebas addled? Nope, just us, my child. So, whenever things just don’t make sense, just take a deep breath and laugh as best you can, because that’s what you get for choosing this goofy, unpredictable place called Earth to embody yourself upon.