Haiti, 2003

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These are some of the 300 pictures I took while down yonder in Rainbow Country. More will be posted as time allows or as other participants
submit theirs ( I'd really like more pics of the boys at St. Joseph's and of our wild selves ). If you are indeed one of the tribe who went and would like a cd-rom of all the pictures and sounds, please email me. Or if you just happen to have wandered across this page, know that these little images cannot convey the breadth of emotion I felt down there or the resilience and pride of the beautiful people of that desparate yet hopeful nation.

The Caribbean, St. Joseph's Home in Port au Prince, the "Delmas 91" neighborhood, the falls and view from Gwo Jan

Sunset in Gwo Jan, Sunrise over Port au Prince, city street scenes, Viviane and friends at Wings of Hope in Fermathe, a "rara" procession and
the view from the roof at Trinity House, Jacmel.

Inside the "hounfour," boats on the beach, a bike on another beach, the Jacmel fish market, an explosive plant, and Basin Bleu.

Basin Claire, a country house and the head of the family, a gathering hut, the elusive rainbow, some of the gang just before the sugarcane fight, moonrise
over Port au Prince, and the fire dance.

Resurection Dance Theater, jay with Roni, and Donna with St. Joseph's / Wings / Trinity founder Michael Geilenfeld.