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Sun 21 Jan 07

The President Thinks the Constitution is Non-binding?

Apparently so.

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Sat 20 Jan 07

Bush and the Psychology of Incompetent Decisions

Because of a psychological dynamic swirling around deeply hidden feelings of inadequacy, the president has been driven to make increasingly incompetent and risky decisions. This dynamic makes the psychological stakes for him now unimaginably high. The words "success" and "failure" have seized his rhetoric like metaphors for his psyche's survival.

The president's swirling dynamic lies "hidden in plain sight" in his personal history. From the time he was a boy until his religious awakening in his early 40s, Bush had every reason to feel he was a failure. His continued, almost obsessive, attempts through the years to emulate his father, obtain his approval, and escape from his influence are extensively recorded.

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Wed 17 Jan 07

The holy blitz rolls on

The Christian right is a "deeply anti-democratic movement" that gains force by exploiting Americans' fears. The level of manipulation is quite sophisticated. These people understand the medium of television, they understand the despair and brokenness of the people they appeal to, and how to manipulate them both for personal and financial gain. I look at these figures, and I would certainly throw James Dobson in there, or Pat Robertson, as really dark figures.

I think the vast majority of followers have no idea. There's an earnestness to many of the believers.

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Mon 15 Jan 07

"I think I am proud of the efforts we did."

Jesus Hopping Christ in a butter vat, I am just sitting here reeling in the sheer arrogance and brazen ineptitude of Dear Leader. Now brandishing himself as the The Educator-In-Chief, he reaffirms that Congres can't stop him from raising the troop levels. So, why is it that we have a Congress again? Can't have anything to do with checks and balances, must be to have something to put in that pretty building on the hill (at least when you're in the Minority in both houses). And the shtick about Iraqis needing to show more gratitude to Americans? That is really the core of his delusion. Let's see if I can try to pen an Iraqi thank you note:

"Dear American People,
I'd just like to take the time during my four hours of electricity to say thank you. Iraq is a much brighter place these days. Since the Civil War and the daily sectarian mass murders, it's less crowded in the shops (when they're open), even though I occasionally have to dodge a car bomb or two while shopping. Thank you for letting my neighbor's kids die in the street when the suicide bomber struck at the cafe. Those kids were loud when they played and it's quieter at home now. That may have something to do with keeping our windows shuttered all the time, but still. Thanks for making gas such a scarce resource, as it has brought on a slew of new entrepreneurs selling gas at five times the market rate. Those guys are really gonna be somebody if they grow up. Oh, and we feel much safer now knowing that your soldiers can enter our homes at any time, guns locked and loaded for our safety, looking for terrorists. I've never seen one but I know they're out there! Thanks for letting things crumble; we know you really didn't want to offer that reconstruction aid. Really, it gives us all a chance to be inspired fixer-uppers! Thakns for making the hospitals so hard to get to now, as it's forcing us as a people to get over our trifling little colds, fevers, and sudden loss of limb. Y'know, we always needed to be better prioritiziers. Finally, thanks for the infrequency of water. We can finally be more practical. And, as I'm sure you understand, who needs water anyway when you have God?
Thanks Again! :)
The Iraqi People

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Sat 13 Jan 07

Letter from Guantanamo

If I die, please remember that there was a human being named Jumah at Guantanamo whose beliefs, dignity and humanity were abused. Please remember that there are hundreds of detainees at Guantanamo suffering the same misfortune. They have not been charged with any crimes. They have not been accused of taking any action against the United States.

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Wed 20 Dec 06

Americans Have No Idea How Bad It Is

Iraq is Beyond Repair

Long-maintained myths tumble. For instance, the standard stump speech by Mr Bush or Tony Blair since the start of the insurgency has been to emphasise the leading role of al-Qa'ida in Iraq and international terrorism. But the group's report declares "al-Qa'ida is responsible for a small portion of violence", adding that it is now largely Iraqi-run. Foreign fighters, their presence so often trumpeted by the White House and Downing Street, are estimated to number only 1,300 men in Iraq. As for building up the Iraqi army, the training of which is meant to be the centrepiece of US and British policy, the report says that half the 10 planned divisions are made up of soldiers who will serve only in areas dominated by their own community. And as for the army as a whole, it is uncertain "they will carry out missions on behalf of national goals instead of a sectarian agenda".

Given this realism it is sad that its authors, chaired by James Baker and Lee Hamilton, share one great misconception with Mr Bush and Mr Blair. This is about the acceptability of any foreign troops in Iraq. Supposedly US combat troops will be withdrawn and redeployed as a stiffening or reinforcement to Iraqi military units. They will form quick-reaction forces able to intervene in moments of crisis.

"This simply won't work," one former Iraqi Interior Ministry official told me. "Iraqis who work with Americans are regarded as tainted by their families. Often our soldiers have to deny their contact with Americans to their own wives. Sometimes they balance their American connections by making contact with the insurgents at the same time."

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Tue 19 Dec 06

We almost blew up Texas

One must bite their tongue when conditions warrant or when things are just too obvious, mustn't one?

A watchdog group charges a nuclear warhead nearly exploded in Texas when it was being dismantled at the government's Pantex facility near Amarillo.

The Project on Government Oversight says it has been told by knowledgeable experts that the warhead nearly detonated in 2005 because an unsafe amount of pressure was applied while it was being disassembled, The Austin American-Statesman reports.

The U.S. Energy Department fined the plant's operators $110,000 last month.

An investigator for Project on Government Oversight says the weapon involved was a W-56 warhead with 100 times the destructive power of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

The watchdog group says the problem was caused in part by technicians at the plant being required to work up to 72 hours each week.

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Thu 14 Dec 06

Merry Meet Jerry

Falwell's antics enable Pagan group to proselytize, too!

A group of Pagans in Albemarle County, Va., was recently given permission to advertise their multi-cultural holiday program to public school children – and they have the Rev. Jerry Falwell to thank for it... Rakoski “sicced the Liberty Counsel on the county,” and the policy was soon revised to allow religious groups to use the backpack mail system. Liberty Counsel is a Religious Right legal group founded by Mathew Staver and now affiliated with Falwell.

And merry we part.

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Wed 13 Dec 06

Soy gives you the gay

So will Jeebus-approved whole milk make me the str8?

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Tue 12 Dec 06

The Invisible Gnomes and the Invisible Hand

South Park and Libertarian Philosophy

Plato’s Symposium is useful for showing that vulgarity and philosophical thought are not necessarily antithetical. Before dismissing South Park, we should recall that some of the greatest comic writers – Aristophanes, Chaucer, Rabelais, Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, Voltaire, Jonathan Swift – plumbed the depths of obscenity even as they rose to the heights of philosophical thought. The same intellectual courage that emboldened them to defy conventional proprieties empowered them to reject conventional ideas and break through the intellectual frontiers of their day. Without claiming that South Park deserves to rank with such distinguished predecessors, I will say that the show descends from a long tradition of comedy that ever since ancient Athens has combined obscenity with philosophy. There are almost as many fart jokes in Aristophanes’ play The Clouds as there are in a typical episode of The Terrance and Philip Show in South Park. In fact, in the earliest dramatic representation of Socrates that has come down to us, he is making fart jokes as he tries to explain to a dumb Athenian named Strepsiades that thunder is a purely natural phenomenon and not the work of the great god Zeus: “First think of the tiny fart that your intestines make. Then consider the heavens: their infinite farting is thunder. For thunder and farting are, in principle, one and the same.” Cartman couldn’t have said it better.

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Mon 11 Dec 06

Are Humans Totally Stupid?

Either we're hell-bent on self-destruction, or we truly care about the planet. Or, you know, both.

...[I]t's incredibly easy to believe, given the current planetary circumstances, that we really just don't give much of a damn, that simple decision-making equations like the above prove that we are a rather thoughtless species, reacting only to the most primitive of market forces while remaining hell-bent on serving our most immediate needs and screw the planet and screw the long view and screw what kind of burned-up oil-depleted storm-ridden water-deprived world your kids will be facing in a mere 25 years, just save me a few bucks on a tank of Saudi gas and let's call it an environment.

Sure we care, but we don't really care. Not enough to make significant or permanent change, not enough to radically refocus our agenda to a degree that might affect our mall-addicted oil-bloated American lifestyles. Buy a hybrid when gas prices soar? Pure economics, for most. Saves a few citizens from emphysema and removes a few million pounds of toxic chemicals from the air and hence in 2004 alone Prius drivers did the job of 9,478,000 trees? Just a bonus, really.

It's an ongoing and eternal question spawned of the jaded, pessimistic spirit: Just how stupidly self-destructive are we? How much longer can we possibly survive before we simply consume and waste and blow ourselves to smithereens? After all, the experts tell us that every culture prior to ours -- that is, all those that eventually turned into gluttonous warmongering insanely wasteful empires -- they all imploded. Every single one. Wiped themselves out, burned themselves up, abused their resources to death. Put it this way: If history is any lesson at all, we are just incredibly, deliciously doomed.

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Wed 06 Dec 06

Richest 2% own more than 1/2 the world

Two percent of adults have more than half of the world's wealth, including property and financial assets, according to a study by the U.N. development research institute published on Tuesday.

While global income is distributed unequally, the spread of wealth is even more skewed, the study by the World Institute for Development Economics Research of the U.N. University said.

"Wealth is heavily concentrated in North America, Europe and high income Asia-Pacific countries. People in these countries collectively hold almost 90 percent of total world wealth," the survey showed.

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Tue 05 Dec 06

Revolutionary Linkdump

Freedom River

In a "Liberated Afghanistan," You Will Be Killed For Teaching Girls

United States v. George Bush et al.

Moyers: The Meaning of Freedom

Propaganda, BS: "Americans Can't Handle Another Impeachment."

A Pause in Democracy's March

A Shameful Retreat From American Values

The Ongoing National Disgrace of Indefinite Detentions

George III: The Worst EVER

Are the People That Love George III, um, Crazy?

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Thu 30 Nov 06

B*llsh*t: "Americans Can't Handle Another Impeachment"

The truth is Americans CAN handle another impeachment. They CAN handle the truth. In fact, if Americans don't bring Bush and Cheney to justice after the atrocities they've committed, this nation will never reclaim its moral authority. And the people of this nation will be despised for unleashing these dangerous men on the world.

"Americans can't handle another impeachment" isn't a truth. It's a device. Like 'weapons of mass destruction.' 'A mushroom cloud.' 'Gassed his own people.' 'Sought significant quantities of uranium from A-f-r-i-c-a.' These are the sound bytes, the parroted propaganda, which brought us to war. Each is a proven lie, told time and again by well-rehearsed pundits. Verbatim delivery. Robotic form. Repeated ad nauseam by grown-up children of the damned. It sounded good for Nicholson in "A Few Good Men," but rings pretty hollow here. Americans CAN handle and probe for the truth.

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Wed 29 Nov 06

Fragmentation Quickly Destabilizes Amazon Rain Forest

The towering--and tiny--trees of the Amazon can live for hundreds of years. But a 22-year study of what happens when the rain forest is sliced up by timber cutting, cattle ranching and soy farming has revealed that survivors in various fragments do not last for long. "In just two decades," notes William Laurance of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, who led the study, "a wink of time for a thousand-year-old tree, the ecosystem has been seriously degraded."

Since 1980, researchers have been studying 40 different one-hectare plots in nine rain forest fragments in central Amazonia near Manaus. Covering roughly 32,000 individual trees composed of 1,162 species, 24 of the hectare plots rest near the edges of the remnant fragments while 16 lie deep within intact interiors. Comparing the two reveals that trees located on the edges of such fragments quickly perish, dying nearly three times faster than their interior peers. "When you fragment the rain forest, hot winds from the surrounding pastures blow into the forest and kill many trees, which just can't handle the stress," explains team member Henrique Nascimento of Brazil's National Institute for Amazonian Research. "Also, winds build up around the fragment and knock down a lot of trees."

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Tue 28 Nov 06

Is Everybody Happy?

Obviously working Americans do not get their money’s worth. Both political parties go after their votes, but neither one delivers or can deliver what Americans individually value. Such a thing is impossible when money is pooled and spent by Congress via a complex political process of influence-peddling, logrolling, haggling, and power.

In some fashion, working Americans have cast their votes for this pattern of spending, imposing a large collective spending pattern on themselves. In some fashion, they have endorsed the outcome. But it is naïve to conclude that the result is what Americans 100 percent want or deserve, if only because the current generation did not construct this system, which we all know to be hard to change, and the results are subject to interest group politics and the whims of politicians.

No matter how we got here or how much we like or dislike the result, we need to ask several questions. Is our governmental system a proper and morally right way to build a just and healthy society? Are we behaving properly toward each other in the relations we have through our governing system? Is our system of government itself responsible for many of our societal ills? Does an ill-formed government and an unhealthy society reflect our own mistaken philosophies? And finally, as Ted Lewis used to ask, "Is everybody happy?"

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Mon 27 Nov 06

Study Sees ‘Global Collapse’ of Fish Species

If fishing around the world continues at its present pace, more and more species will vanish, marine ecosystems will unravel and there will be “global collapse” of all species currently fished, possibly as soon as midcentury, fisheries experts and ecologists are predicting.

The scientists, who report their findings today in the journal Science, say it is not too late to turn the situation around. As long as marine ecosystems are still biologically diverse, they can recover quickly once overfishing and other threats are reduced, the researchers say.

But improvements must come quickly, said Boris Worm of Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, who led the work. Otherwise, he said, “we are seeing the bottom of the barrel.”

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Wed 22 Nov 06

Oases in Navajo desert contained 'a witch's brew' (of uranium)

New lakes had appeared as if by magic in the arid scrublands. Instead of hunting for puddles in the sandstone, she could lead her 100 animals to drink their fill. She would quench her own thirst as well, parting the film on the water's surface with her hands and leaning down to swallow.

Despite the abundant water, an unexpected blessing, her flock failed to thrive. The birthrate dropped, and the few new lambs that did appear had a hard time walking. Some were born without eyes.

Lois' husband, David, wondered whether the sheepdogs were mating with their charges. A medicine man, he also suspected witchcraft. He tried to fight the spell by burning cedar and herbs and gathering the sheep around the fire to inhale the healing smoke.

The livestock were not his only worry. A mysterious sickness was affecting the couple's two youngest daughters.

Laura, born in 1970, had a weak right eye and was prone to stumbling. Arlinda came along the following year and developed ulcers in her corneas by age 5. A few years later, she was walking on the sides of her feet.

At the Indian Health Service hospital, doctors were mystified. Experts concluded that both girls suffered from a rare genetic disorder.

There was another possibility, but no one considered it until many years later.

No one connected the children and the sheep.

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Tue 21 Nov 06

Lured Toward Modern Life, Pygmy Families Left in Limbo

Like so many millions of Congolese, they fled their homes because of the militia fighting that has consumed this mineral-rich eastern region over the past decade. Unlike other refugees, this particular group of Pygmies had their own personal benefactor, or so it seemed: a woman they initially knew only as Ma Jacqui, who brought them here promising help, then left them with little more than a desire to join the modern world.

As this impoverished country awaits results in the first democratic elections in 40 years, Ngenderezi and his group, among an estimated 600,000 Pygmies considered to be the aboriginal people of Congo, are perhaps as good a barometer as any of the fragile aspirations of its people .

After all, the Pygmies, the marginal among the marginal, voted last Sunday, too, walking a mile from their dilapidated huts in Mugunga to cast ballots to elect a president for the first time ever.

"We are human beings," said Ngenderezi, his thumb still stained with the black ink that showed he had voted. "And we'd like to live like other human beings live."

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Mon 20 Nov 06

Lured Toward Modern Life, Pygmy Families Left in Limbo

Like so many millions of Congolese, they fled their homes because of the militia fighting that has consumed this mineral-rich eastern region over the past decade. Unlike other refugees, this particular group of Pygmies had their own personal benefactor, or so it seemed: a woman they initially knew only as Ma Jacqui, who brought them here promising help, then left them with little more than a desire to join the modern world.

As this impoverished country awaits results in the first democratic elections in 40 years, Ngenderezi and his group, among an estimated 600,000 Pygmies considered to be the aboriginal people of Congo, are perhaps as good a barometer as any of the fragile aspirations of its people .

After all, the Pygmies, the marginal among the marginal, voted last Sunday, too, walking a mile from their dilapidated huts in Mugunga to cast ballots to elect a president for the first time ever.

"We are human beings," said Ngenderezi, his thumb still stained with the black ink that showed he had voted. "And we'd like to live like other human beings live."

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Thu 16 Nov 06

Rep. Kucinich: America Needs Iraq War Hearings

We need to have hearings on Iraq again. We need to go over again why we went there. We need to review the statements and all the errors that were made, and from that we bring the country together to take a new direction. It’s all fact-based. And then we start to heal our nation. But we cannot heal America if we continue with policies that are based on lies. We’ll never be able to bring closure to this Iraq matter unless we tell the truth about what happened. So America needs a new approach of truth and reconciliation. This isn’t a Democratic or Republican matter. This is a matter that relates to the conscience of this country. This is a matter of the heart—the heart of democracy itself. This is a matter of whether we’re going to a sober reflection about the events that have transpired since 9/11, with respect to Iraq. And until we do this, we will be trapped not only physically in Iraq, we’ll be trapped emotionally and spiritually in Iraq. We may never get out of Iraq if we don’t tell the truth.

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Wed 15 Nov 06

The last nail in the coffin of the "fair and balanced" myth

Just click it. See it to believe what we already knew.

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Mon 13 Nov 06

"V" makes a visit...

On Monday, November 6, 2006, “V” visited security check points at the White House, the main Treasury, IRS and Justice Department Buildings and the Capitol. “V’s” purpose was to deliver the People’s Petitions for Redress of Grievances relating to the Government’s violations of the war powers, tax, privacy and money clauses of the Constitution, and to inform key Government officials that at least 100 more “Vs” would be at their doorstep on November 14th expecting a response to the Petitions.

At the White House about a dozen Secret Service agents appeared on foot, bicycles and car to meet “V.” While virtuously assuring the security of the state, they were curious about the image of “V” and asked many questions. Most, when asked if they had seen the movie “V for Vendetta”, smiled their approval.

When an agent asked if “V” would remove his mask for identification purposes, “V” explained that would defeat the very purpose of the mask, which was to give expression to the fact that the nation was becoming a police state, that too many people were becoming afraid to be identified as dissenters or protestors, and that this was not in the long term interest of a free people. The agents accepted the veracity of “V’s” message and refrained from veering “V” from his vanguard visit as the vox populi.

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Sat 11 Nov 06

Election Predictions Revisited

So, it's time to look at my guesses and reality, with a trip back to November 3rd...

Prediction: NC-11 Shuler (D) 52% Taylor (R)(I) 48%

Reality: Shuler bested Taylor 54.1% to 45.9%, less of a nail biter than expected.

Prediction: Buncombe County Sherrif: Duncan (D) 50.2% Medford (R)(I) 49.8%

Reality: Van Duncan wiped out Medford and his cronies to the tune of 59.5% to 40.5%, a mega landslide that I didn't quite foresee. Obviously, the Democratic base in Buncombe county was pumped!

Prediction: US-Governors: Democrats 29 R********** 21

Reality: Down by one. I was banking on Hatch beating Pawlenty in Minnesota, where he lost by 23k votes.

US-House Democrats 229 R********** 216206

Reality: First off, I borked my math on the total, thus the strikethrough. But my prediction hinged on the total for the Dems of 229. The latest call appears to be looking like 234-201, slightly brimming over my slightly conservative guess.

Prediction: US-Senate Democrats 49 R********** 49 Independents 2 (quorum w/ Dems)

Reality: I predicted a razor thin victory for McCaskill, and by the time I fell asleep Tuesday night, she was lagging. When I awoke, she won, and by a safe margin. Webb, who later in the week won by a 7000+ vote margin, was also predicted to win by a scrape, which I most certainly NAILED. As for the final total, again, I NAILED IT EXACTLY WOOT WOOT!

Prediction: US-President Lame Duck 100%

Reality: It remains to be seen. Four days before he met with Speaker Pelosi, he was very directly saying that a vote for the Dems is a vote for the terrorists, and now, he's apparently sipping tea with the terrorists enables, 'cuz he's a uniter, not divider, &c. What utter pap. The 'librul' media may certainly put him back in soft light, as W makes friends and proves his resiliency, but the fact remains that his rhetoric for the past six years disproves any on camera amity. Stripped of his alleged 'mandate,' I expect a lot of governance by executive order. All in all, despite whatever the media potrays, I foresee a Preznit who will continue to "stay the course," or "adapt to win," or whatever. In other words, a most helpless and pathetic duck. Quack, whimper, ad infinitum.

Another thing. All of this malarkey about replacing Chairman Dean is also utter, utter pap on a stick. James Carville: STFU. His 50 state strategy WON this election, with more cash raised and more candidates on ballot than any other previous election in history. Sure, we could have always had more pickups, but why not thank twitchy Uncle Rahm? He handpicked some real milquetoasts and disclaimed the netroots at every turn.


Next predictions will likely by the Dem primaries in '08. Seems so far away...

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Fri 10 Nov 06

A Smackdown of Hypocrites

Besides the sheer scale of the hypocrisy, the Ted Haggard scandal doesn’t tell us much we don’t already know about closeted gay or bisexual men; closet cases will take enormous risks to get their needs met and will often do great harm to themselves and to those they profess to love. What’s new in the Haggard scandal — perhaps we should call it a flameout — is the refusal of Mike Jones, a former male prostitute, to honor the callboy’s code of silence, the omertà of gay hookerdom.

On the Web site where Mr. Haggard is said to have found Mr. Jones, the callboys describe themselves as discreet. That’s their solemn promise not to blab to the wife, if you’re married; to the tabloids (or prying friends), if you’re a movie star; to your congregation, if you’re one of the most powerful evangelical ministers in the country. The fear that callboys can no longer be trusted will make the lives of men like Ted Haggard that much more lonely and difficult.

Back in the bad old days — the mythical 1950s, the era social conservatives pine for — most gay men were closeted, which made it relatively easy for them to arrange discreet trysts. You could rely on the discretion of your sex partners because they were relying on yours. It was the era of mutually assured destruction, both in terms of nuclear warfare and gay sex. Your partner couldn’t reveal your secret without revealing his own.

Needless to say, a sex life infused with cold-war-style tensions didn’t lead to many healthy or lasting relationships.

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Thu 09 Nov 06

A Come-to-Daddy Moment

In a scene that might be called “Murder on the Oval Express,” Rummy turned up dead with so many knives in him that it’s impossible to say who actually finished off the man billed as Washington’s most skilled infighter. (Poppy? Scowcroft? Baker? Laura? Condi? The Silver Fox? Retired generals? Serving generals? Future generals? Troops returning to Iraq for the umpteenth time without a decent strategy? Democrats? Republicans? Joe Lieberman?)

The defense chief got hung out to dry before Saddam got hung. The president and Karl Rove, underestimating the public’s hunger for change or overestimating the loyalty of a fed-up base, did not ice Rummy in time to save the Senate from teetering Democratic. But once Sonny managed to heedlessly dynamite the Republican majority — as well as the Middle East, the Atlantic alliance and the U.S. Army — then Bush Inc., the family firm that snatched the presidency for W. in 2000, had to step in. Two trusted members of the Bush 41 war council, Mr. Baker and Robert Gates, have been dispatched to discipline the delinquent juvenile and extricate him from the mother of all messes.

Mr. Gates, already on Mr. Baker’s “How Do We Get Sonny Out of Deep Doo Doo in Iraq?” study group, left his job protecting 41’s papers at Texas A&M to return to Washington and pry the fingers of Poppy’s old nemesis, Rummy, off the Pentagon.

“They had to bring in someone from the old gang,” said someone from the old gang. “That has to make Junior uneasy. With Bob, the door is opened again to 41 and Baker and Brent.”

W. had no choice but to make an Oedipal U-turn.

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Wed 08 Nov 06

Buh-Bye Rummy

Evil Piece of White Shit.

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Wed 08 Nov 06


So, the dust has settled, and the forces of more-or-less-good have defeated the evil little creatures, forcing them to scurry for cover in their slimy little pits of gloom. I fell asleep (with leg raised, of course) with the laptop glowing, C-Span churning out victory after victory, occasionally surfacing for happy tidbits. I thought for sure that we fell short on the Senate, yet I refreshed my eyes upon waking with McCaskill juice (D-MO) and am awaiting the sweet taste of Senators Tester and Webb. Wow. Wow America. Good job waking up, and thinking critically for a change. So, a deep breath here, and it's time to fuel up to counter the twisted "leadership" in the White House.

Scorecard: House, SWEEP. Senate, SWEEP. Governorships, SWEEP. Legislatures, SWEEP (oh, and Gay Marriage Ban ballot measure REJECTED in Arizona, Abortion ban measure REJECTED in South Dakota).

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Tue 07 Nov 06

SHULER WINS!!!!!!!!!!

NC-11 is a win for the Dems!

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Tue 07 Nov 06

Lame Duck Day

Get Out The Vote!

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Tue 07 Nov 06

Is Aleister Crowley Dubya's Grandpa?

Few people understand that one of the most notorious individuals in British history may have contributed to the lineage of our current president. Aleister Crowley, a.k.a., "The Great Beast 666" -- the infamous practitioner of "sex magick" whose motto was "Do What Thou Wilt" -- came to know a great many remarkable people, including the maternal grandmother of George W. Bush. "Know," in this case, may be taken in the Biblical sense. Evidence points to the disturbing possibility that he was the true father of Barbara Bush, the former First Lady and mother to George W. Bush.

The story may seem difficult to believe at first, until one learns more about the social inter-relations that tied together these unlikely parties. Specifically, we must focus on a fascinating woman named Pauline Pierce, born Pauline Robinson -- whose third child was named Barbara.

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Sat 04 Nov 06

Last weekend before lame duck

Let's celebrate with some true American Patriots:

Dixie Chicks ~ Not Ready to Make Nice (click for youtube page)

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Fri 03 Nov 06

Election Predictions

Okay, here goes:

Shuler (D) 52%
Taylor (R)(I) 48%

Buncombe County Sherrif:
Duncan (D) 50.2%
Medford (R)(I) 49.8%
(in other words, nail biting, razor thin edge for Duncan)

Democrats 29
R********** 21

Democrats 229
R********** 216196
(Some are calling for sweeps of 35+, which I'd love to see, but frankly, there's vote fraud and such. This liberal is sticking with a concervative estimate for now)

Democrats 49
R********** 49
Independents 2 (quorum w/ Dems)
(So, wafer thin wins for McCaskill (D-MO) & Webb (D-VA), and a wider than expected magin of defeat for Ford (D-TN) by CPorker)

Lame Duck 100%

It is becoming increasingly obvious that, for the first time in decades, the dark forces will not gain a single pickup, and that the balance of power in Congress will shift to the forces of, well, typically lighter than darkness. This means, politically, that the Great Decider, as it were, shall have whatever legal shred of mandate he previously clung to with his minder, will be quite thankfully emasculated.

Fingers crossed for the next six days.

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Thu 02 Nov 06

Right-wing moral crusaders are 'impeding health goals'

Fundamentalists in the US and the Vatican are damaging attempts to reduce sexually transmitted diseases and improve reproductive health, according to a new study.

Right-wing religious leaders and their political allies are hampering the work of experts treating people for diseases such as gonorrhoea and syphilis, the report says.

Professor Anna Glasier of the University of Edinburgh, one of the authors of the report, said: “The bold fact is that the US has such a huge influence around the world. The problem is not so much that conservative forces are growing, but that the countries that have become more conservative are those with huge influence.”

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Wed 01 Nov 06

Saw this on Kos

...and it seemed very appropriate:

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary."
---H.L. Mencken

The hobgoblins can start packing for their underworld on Nov. 8th.

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Tue 31 Oct 06

The Stern Report by numbers

40 per cent of the world's species would face extinction if temperatures rose by 2C

200 million people are at risk of being driven from their homes by flood or drought by 2050

6C is a "plausible" estimate of how much world temperatures could rise by the end of the century if greenhouse gas emissions are unchecked

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Mon 30 Oct 06

Why Americans Don't Go Green

The bottom line, says ecoAmerica: "We have an image problem." Environmentalists seem disconnected from most Americans. Indeed, many Americans view the environmental movement as traditional, dated, and somewhat out of touch with current society.

That's ironic perhaps. Many environmentalists I know believe they have a better understanding of the state of the world than do other people. And they might. But that's of little consequence. The millions of Security Moms and NASCAR Dads who haven't yet tuned into how climate change and fisheries loss might mess with their kids' future aren't about to be beaten into submission by the latest arguments or evidence. They're not about to make purchase decisions based on a maybe-someday rationale for stemming environmental problems. They want to know: what's in it for me, today?

So, big news: Americans are shallow, misinformed, self-interested, and unsophisticated. But they're our neighbors, our colleagues, and our relatives. And they're likely your clients, customers, or constituents. If you want to move them toward greener behavior and actions, you'll need to deal -- carefully and creatively -- with all of these sobering realities.

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Sun 29 Oct 06

Bush Moves Toward Martial Law

In a stealth maneuver, President Bush has signed into law a provision which, according to Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont), will actually encourage the President to declare federal martial law (1). It does so by revising the Insurrection Act, a set of laws that limits the President's ability to deploy troops within the United States. The Insurrection Act (10 U.S.C.331 -335) has historically, along with the Posse Comitatus Act (18 U.S.C.1385), helped to enforce strict prohibitions on military involvement in domestic law enforcement. With one cloaked swipe of his pen, Bush is seeking to undo those prohibitions.

Public Law 109-364, or the "John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007" (H.R.5122) (2), which was signed by the commander in chief on October 17th, 2006, in a private Oval Office ceremony, allows the President to declare a "public emergency" and station troops anywhere in America and take control of state-based National Guard units without the consent of the governor or local authorities, in order to "suppress public disorder."

President Bush seized this unprecedented power on the very same day that he signed the equally odious Military Commissions Act of 2006. In a sense, the two laws complement one another. One allows for torture and detention abroad, while the other seeks to enforce acquiescence at home, preparing to order the military onto the streets of America. Remember, the term for putting an area under military law enforcement control is precise; the term is "martial law."

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Sat 28 Oct 06

Elections "ripe for stealing"

In the unaired interview, conducted last August, Soaries says there are "no standards" for voting systems and that Congress and the White House "made things worse through the passage of the Help America Vote Act."

Due to underfunding and lack of attention to the EAC and the Election Reform it was supposed to oversee, Soaries says we now have an "inability to trust the technology that we use" to count votes in our American democracy, even as "we’re spending a billion dollars a week in Iraq."

"We know more today about how to build a machine to take pictures of rocks on Mars than we know about how to build a machine to safeguard the American right to vote," complained Soaries in the interview.

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"Aut Viam Inveniam, Aut Faciam." - Seneca