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21 marca 2005

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"It is hard to argue with books that never existed." -Quintilian

This ancient quotation is a certain truth for the followers of the twentieth century's most enigmatic philosopher, gadfly and cosmic wiseacre, Isadore M. Upinsky. For only after Upinsky's vanishing act did his first books begin to appear, published by a dubious press with no manuscript on record.

The fact that he did not publish far and wide during his bizarre and storied philosophical career did not seem to be an obstacle in his garnering of widespread acclaim by only the most radical of thinkers. Today, only a small number cite him regularly from musty tracts and backward lyrics of acid rock bands.

Upinsky is a legend in a history mostly unknown to today's students of philosophy and consciousness studies. This serial will attempt to trace the contributions of what many considered a madman and a nuisance to the intellectual elite, from the 1920s to his still unexplained disappearance in a Delaware estuary in March, 1972.

I am fortunate to have in my possession all of the works of Mr. Upinsky, acquired from a Amish yard sale some years ago. At the time, I was unacquainted with the heretical genius. But in opening the dusty cover to that first book, "Sophism on a Tricycle and Other Paralogical Gypsy Fishmongering," a page was turned which revealed one of the most daring, if dangerous, views of the cosmos that humanity had ever completely ignored.

A thorough introduction to this work will be posted shortly.

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